Thursday, January 03, 2008

No One Wants A Visit From The S**t Fairy

***Ahoy, matey! Project Runway spoilers ahead! Avast! Avast! (I have no idea what "avast" means, but I like shouting it around the house now and then to keep the Corgi on his toes--or paws, as it were. But I digress.) Go away if you're ascared of spoilers!**

OK, then!

Last night's Project Runway was very very sad, because Elisa, the Little Crazy Lady Who Could, was sent packing.

The challenge was to make a dress out of things found in the Hershey's store in Times Square; only one designer, Debra-Winger-circa-1979 lookalike/rainbow suspenders enthusiast/apparent mime Jilian, decided to use actual candy in her outfit (she went for Twizzlers). The rest took craploads of candy wrappers, tissue paper, pillows, and other candy-themed items for their material.

One would think this kind of whimsy would suit Elisa to a T, but alas, 'twas not so. Her brown velvet dress with detachable silver Hershey's kiss/pool floatie armwarmers was not particularly whimsical, nor particularly good.

The gays over at Project Rungay said it best:
Ironically, we thought this challenge would have been right up her alley. We're pretty sure she lives in a world full of candy and unicorns anyway, so she just could have stared off in space for awhile and eventually some candy fairy would float by and let her sketch her dress.

Apparently, a shit fairy flew by.

Genius. Project Rungays, I salute you! Mwah!

Sweet P.
, who scrapped her original dress (which featured an actual ceramic mosaic around the waist) in favor of a shiny metallic dress that somehow managed to be boring, was a close contender for auf'ing, but the judges reaaaally hated nutty nutball Elisa's brown velvet nightmare, so she was OUT.

Rami, the Invincible Israeli, won with his very well-made, super-cute, vaguely anime-esque pink and red shiny halter dress:

For once, I agreed with the judges on who should win. Speaking of judges, guest Zac Posen was quite the little bitch, wasn't he? And him with that sweet face!

With Elisa gone, what little fun was left on this show has been sucked out, too, but hopefully imperious egomaniac Christian and sweet, portly Chris (who did a great job this episode, despite what the Posenator said!) will balance out the endless trail of self-obsessed tears left by unfortunately behatted Ricky to bring some interest to the remaining episodes. We'll see!


Anonymous said...

I actually wanted Chris to win, since he keeps getting himself kicked off or cast into the bottom two or three each week. It would have been a moral victory.

And I wanted VictorYa to lose because I kind of hate her.

Elisa was such a loveable kook that I am sad to see her go. Also, her first name is my middle name!

Terri R.

jennifer said...

I'm with you on VitorYa--she is humorless and imperious.

At least Chris is still in there!