Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Nip/Tuck This In The Bud--And Pronto!





Last night's episode of "Nip/Tuck" was a little lackluster, I'm sorry to say. The whole burned-lady-from-Israel storyline is dullsville, which would normally be an odd thing to say about a character whose face has been burned off and who has bits of "human shrapnel" (ie, teeth and bones) from her suicide bomber imbeded in her body, but this is "Nip/Tuck," people, and for this show, it's pretty bo-ring. Also, this plotline involves gross Michael Jackson-lookalike Matt, and so, you know, yuck. He's far more hideous than the burned lady!

Dr. Christian Troy and Julia's affair is pretty lame, despite her getting possible guilt-induced nosebleeds all over the place. Yawn.

The huge fight that Dr. Christian Troy and Dr. Sean McNamara have been building up to was also kind of tame. I expected so much more from you two--an ear pulled off, a testicle removed, something!

And I'm sorry to say this but I was even left a little nonplussed by glorious Dawn Budge, the improbably-accented lottery-winner hick played with gusto by Rosie O'Donnell, getting her face run over by a lesbian on a motorcylce while her closeted paramour (Felt Up fave Oliver Platt) prances in a gay pride parade. It was more sad than funny, I guess, and I felt bad for the lesbian trying to put her daughter through college, not to mention Liz. (The ending was nice, though. Dawn always redeems herself by giving away tons of money and apologizing to everyone.)

There were, of course, some bright spots. The secretary with the ginormous bazooms was pretty entertaining, especially the hilariously vigorous sex-in-the-office scene with Dr. Christian Troy. Bradley Cooper continues to be a total raging delight with his egomaniacal crazed actor (on show-within-the-show "Hearts & Scalpels") and it looks like next week's episode will feature him more prominently. Also, and I am peeing my pants with excitement about it, Miss Sharon Gless (of "Cagney & Lacey" and "Queer As Folk" fame) will have a guest spot next week!

Here's hoping you soon will get over those winter doldrums and depressing storylines, "Nip/Tuck" and WOW ME.


Anonymous said...

Totally in agreement as to last night's episode. I actually pronounced the face-burn victim/suicide bomber ghost storyline as "totally gay."

Also, where does Matt get off giving advice to Sean about how to handle his problems? Wasn't he a meth addict/scientologist/gay porn actor just last week? And hasn't he also done it with a tranny, killed a man, and loved a skinhead? Does all this qualify him as the new Ann Landers?

Also, I thought Julia's nosebleeds were due to her eating the poisoned fruitcake...

Next week's episode better be good.

Terri R.

jennifer said...

Oh, right, Elizabeth Berkeley's poisoned fruitcake, of course! I totally forgot about all that. I didn't get to watch the "previously on."

Thanks, Terri R.!