Monday, January 07, 2008

Live Through This

Oh, the circle is unbroken, by and by lord, by and by: Having just posted a photo of Courtney Love, now I come to find (via that Miss Love has a (what else?) stream-of-consciousness-style blog post on her flashing-light-and-butterfly-heavy MySpace page that deals with Our Lady of Perpetual Insanity, Britney Spears:

man was that truly neccessary? Poor thing, i didnt need to see all that fecal matter on the walls but Thaliens at Cedars is obviously loads nicer than Bellevue- shes takingt far too much adderol, thats what ive heard and what appears to be the issue to me wich is by the way none of my fucking business.or ours.
I hope she gets a smoke soon, they dont let you smoke for 72 hours on a 5150, its blows for her, and i feel bad for her , really really bad for her- i came in as an outsiderso i didnt come in as a sweetheart, its slightly easier for me, i was never a good girl,l its still sucks ass, but oh whatever....nevermind.bless i hope people stop hurting on her.
I'm no scholar, but I think she's trying to say that a) Britney is in bad shape, b) Courtney can relate, and c) Britney is possibly taking more than the recommended dosage of Adderall. Maybe. I could be wrong, though. Hard to say...

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