Monday, January 28, 2008

Frighteningly Hot Celeb Photo of the Day

Granted, this is not the most flattering shot of "L'eggo My" Viggo Mortenson (who is looking a tad Lucifer-ish around the edges here), but the mere thought of him standing so close to the epicenter of human hotness that is Javier Bardem at the SAG Awards last night is enough to cause a tsunami of simultaneous Chicken Lady-ing throughout the universe, at least if you define the "universe" as Felt Up HQ in Austin and Friend of Felt Up Terri R.'s in San Antonio:

(image via gawker)

Imagine if Clive Owen had wandered into the shot and then they all went off together and took a sauna with Vincent D'Onofrio? It is too much for my poor heart to contemplate. There. It just imploded. I'm dead.


Anonymous said...

I was just saying last night when I saw them on the red carpet together how I would like to have a copy of this photo. Beto G. asked me, "What if they had kissed?" I replied that I would have died, aka Chicken Lady'd.

I wonder if they talked to each other in Spanish. Swoon!

Terri R.

Shannon said...

... And the only thing that could have made it even hotter after the addition of Clive and Vincent would have been my man Gerard Butler joining in! (sigh) (swoon)

porkmuffin said...

this picture pretty much kilt me as well.

TrAngela said...

you just blew my mind.