Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Frightening Celeb Photo of the Day

In case you didn't see the terrifying photo of actress Raven-Symone that was on Go Fug Yourself today, or if you did and are still traumatized but would also like a helpful primer on her looks throughout the years, well, I'm here to help guide you through this difficult time. Breathe in the good, clean air! Breathe out the bad, scary Raven-Symone air! In! OOUUUUT!

First up, Raven-Symone as most of us remember her--a mildly annoying moppet on "The Cosby Show":

Next, Raven-Symone from her mildly annoying teen queen halcyon days of "That's So Raven!":

And as she appeared on Go Fug Yourself today, a mildly annoying freakishly wizened old hag of 23:

That's correct, folks. THIS PERSON IS 23 YEARS OLD! She is not a lesser-known member of the Jackson family! Or Paula Abdul's older sister! Or a former Supreme! I said 23!

Cleansing breaths, people. Serenity now!


manwhore said...

i used to want to bang the middle version of her.

she looks heinous now.

Shannon said...

I hate her, and I don't really know why. I detested her on the Cosby Show, and every time I see "That's So Raven!" listed on the TV guide I grit my teeth. The nadir was when my mother and I were being silly and watched the Princess Diaries 2. This no-talent assclown had the NERVE to sing with Dame Julie Andrews herself! I couldn't believe it! I wanted to tear out my eyes and cut off my ears. Then I wanted to cry.

Tru-Dru said...

Haters everywhere we go, ya'll are makin' a scene of yourselves. I at times used to Envy her because my Family never supported me, or gave A Darn about helping me become A Success like her Family did, but she has come A Long way on her own after getting lots of support from her Parents. Raven-Symone' is doing a lot of good for others in Charities, and such we all should be cheering her on as she is the most successful kid star of them all. I will stand by Raven's side, and will continue to support her like I did from the beginning because I Love her very, very Much Legitmately, and Truthfully!! You can say anything to bring her down as she has way more $ in her Pockets than all of you put together. Raven also encouraged me to be A Better Person. Besides she is the most Sexiest Woman I have ever see in my Life. So go get A Life!

impychimp said...

I can't stand her either.