Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Frightening Celeb Photo of the Day

Stolen from Go Fug Yourself:

If you didn't see it over there at GFY, this is Keira Knightley. Yes, the English one. From Pirates of the Caribbean and Atonement and whatnot. Take a moment to digest that fact for a moment, if you like...

Shocking isn't it? Although she is scary skinny, I usually do find Ms. Knightley to be a reasonably attractive, albeit annoying, girl. But she really looks quite bad here. Besides the fact that she seems to be wearing a tribute to Britney and Justin's hilariously awesome his-n-her denim suit combo from a few years ago, she appears to be dying. And is also unrecognizable. If it had not been pointed out to me, I would not have known it was her. At all. W has a special gift for fugging up their celeb lady models, don't they?

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