Friday, January 11, 2008

The Devil's Temperature

(image via tv guide)

The best line from last night's 30 Rock, from Alec Baldwin's Jack Donaghy, of course:

"The President's only going to veto your crazy social programs. The founding fathers never intended for the poor to live into their forties."

OK, OK, here's one more, from Kenneth the Page:
"I don't drink coffee, sir. I don't drink hot liquids of any kind. That's the devil's temperature."

That was the last new episode until the writers' strike ends. SOB!


Anonymous said...

I like that Kenneth and Dot-Com had plans to go see Spamalot.

Terri R.

Anonymous said...

Also: That the Whale-Torturing bill was sponsored by Lott-Specter.

Terri R.

Anonymous said...

My two favorites...

Regrets are for horseshoes and handbags.

You rode the brown serpent.

And I like the the German game show Interrogation Bear!