Friday, January 18, 2008

Death Becomes Her

(image via worth1000)

Heh. Lindsay Lohan has to do community service in a morgue. From the Associated Press:
The 21-year-old actress will soon be working at a morgue as part of her punishment for misdemeanor drunken driving, her attorney, Blair Berk, told a judge Thursday.

She has also spent two months in rehabilitation and has done some community service, Berk said at a hearing on her progress toward fulfilling the terms of her plea bargain.

Her two four-hour days at the morgue are part of a court-ordered program to show drivers the real-life consequences of drinking and driving. She must also spend two days working in a hospital emergency room.

Lohan was arrested twice last year on DUI charges and pleaded guilty in August to misdemeanor drunken driving and cocaine charges. She has already served 84 minutes in jail as part of the plea deal.

Wow, she's already done a whole 84 minutes in jail? A badass with that kind of hard time under her belt will breeze through this morgue thingy, I'm sure.

I think the morgue is a good place for her to do some reflecting on Death: The death of her childhood, the death of her possible future car-crash victims, and of course, the death of her career. There's probably totes cute morgue attendants to make out with, too. Sweet!

Don't ever ever ever ever search Google Images for the word "morgue."


Dan said...

Shouldn't she have to spend five or ten minutes in a halfway house to help her transition back to society?

Anonymous said...

I've done longer.