Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Cry Me A Rivers

(image via new york social diary)

O how I loooove tidbits like this! From the NY Post's Page Six column:
Melissa Rivers, who feels she's entitled to as much swag as any movie star, stopped by the Silver Spoon Gifting Suites set up for the canceled Golden Globes and appalled the staff with her voracity.

At the Lust 4 Luxe and Frilly Lilly gifting booths, "she was so desperate for free gifts," our spy said.

"She was so pushy, begging vendors for their products, not taking no for an answer and even going as far as offering pictures of her mother, Joan Rivers, in exchange for free gifts."

Can't you just picture Melissa Rivers getting all up in people's faces, grasping for freebies? The only thing that would've made this story better is if she'd screamed "DON'T YOU KNOW WHO I AM?" But we have the moon here, so why ask for the stars, right?

I get kinda violent when I think about all the free stuff that celebs get because they're famous. I can sort of see that a Melissa Rivers-caliber D-lister might want to grab onto anything she can shove into her pockets and run out the door, because her "career" is based on her mother's and if Joan dies, so too does Melissa's 15 minutes. But in general, if you're so famous and rich that parading merchandise around will actually increase sales, then the only decent thing to do is donate the swag to the sick, elderly, and less-fortunate, like, say, Jeff Conaway. Or anyone else appearing on "Celebrity Rehab." (Which, by the way, is not the festive romp it sounds like and is, in fact, the biggest bummer on TV right now--and I'm a regular viewer of "Intervention" and "The First 48." Perhaps "The Wire" is more depressing, but it's FICTION.)

Anyway, there's something so needy and just plain off about Melissa Rivers and her matching mom-n-daughter facelifts. Creepy!

Speaking of creepy, the person in the above photo with Melissa is none other than recently deceased/tragic figure Brad Refro! Poor guy. Stuck with Melissa Rivers for his big photo op. No wonder he was doing drugs...

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