Friday, January 04, 2008

Britney Still Nutso, Loses Visitation Rights

(photo via people)

CNN reports that Britney Spears has, unsurprisingly, lost the right to visit her children in the wake of what legal experts call her "totes freakfest" last night:
A court commissioner Friday gave sole physical and legal custody of Britney Spears' two little boys to ex-husband Kevin Federline and suspended the troubled pop star's visitation rights.

Commissioner Scott Gordon issued a ruling the day after paramedics hauled Spears away from her home after police had to intervene when she refused to return the children to Federline after a court-monitored visit. Gordon ordered another hearing to be held January 14.

People says that Britney is in a "72-hour mental lockdown" at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center after being hustled out of her house on a gurney. Apparently the whole drama started after she locked herself and tiny child Jayden James (these names never fail to kill me!) and refused to hand him over to K-Fed/Fed-Ex.

(photo via access hollywood)

72 hours is a long time to wait for new crap in this case to emerge, but somehow I think we'll manage. How 'bout that Iowa caucus, huh?

Developing. Forever and ever!


Anonymous said...

Poor Brit. She is still young and can get better with time.Stay strong Brit. PEOPLE IN THE NEWS MEDIA NEEDS TO LEAVE HER ALONE AND LEAVE ALL THE CELEBERTIES ALONE.

Anonymous said...

Ok. It's time for everyone to back off and leave this situation alone. Let professionals offer whatever help they can to heal the lives of these people. Boycott the paparazzi and anybody that prints their photos... including CNN and all CNN sponsors.

Anonymous said...

Who walked into their trailer park and gave them a million dollars? He should be shot, and the Spears clan needs to go BACK to the trailer park.

I am embarrassed for them.

Anonymous said...

According to her behavior and all the events that took place after the birth of her second child, I think Britney has been underdiagnosed and undertreated for postpartum depression and maternal psychosis. Some studies are underway that show a link between maternal psychosis and the subsequent triggering of underlying psychological disease and/or disorders. I think that this is what has happened to Britney. If this is the case then she is a victim in all this and truly needs some professional psychiatric help. Maybe now she'll get this during her stay in the hospital.

Anonymous said...

It is so sad.

She used to be have this impenetrable energy, the light at the end of the tunnel.

Now just look at her, all her spirit sucked away.

She wasn't ever even like the other celebs, she had a pure heart.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with these supportive comments regarding Britney. She is the poor victim here - with the ex-husband totally abusing her from a perspective of sucking off her money as well as her relatives.

She needs help, she is young and obviously has medical issues that should be addressed instead of being judged. The papparazi and the news reporters, judgmental people who put all blame on her should stop taunting her because they are not helping her but putting her down further.

Anonymous said...

Kevin is a sucker- how dare him live the good life he has right now based on spousal support? the nerve!!! and what makes him a better parent- someone who cant even support himself financially. he wants custody of their children so he can suck more money from Britney.

Kevin - why don't you prove to the world you can support these children on your own without banking on Britney's money? if you are really sincere about your parental responsibilities and want sole custody - dont you dare ask money from Britney to support yourself. you should be totally ashamed of yourself!!!!

Anonymous said...

I would go crazy if I had worked very hard for my money and then have to turn it over to my loser ex and keep handing over money whil ehe lives the good life. I think she is being treated unfairly and he is making off like a bandit with kids and money. Trust me, I am not a Brit fan either. People ned to leave her alone. Yes, she needs help, but she is getting everyone to gang up against her. Her mother is not helping either. I hope she will stop taking drungs, get a grip on life and come back. This way she will get her kids again. What good is is to take the kids from her unless she is a threat to herself and them?? I feel sorry for her.

Anonymous said...

Kevin is a loser!! I hope Britney gets better soon and gets with the courts to kick him out. She needs to probably stop acting liek a brat so she will be taken seriously in the courts. He should go get his own money. I feel so sorry for her and he is jerk.

Anonymous said...

I feel for Britney. I have never been a fan, but I know what she must be going through in her battle with Kevin over the kids. These poor kids are used as tools to get to her money and to break her down. She's not the sharpest knife in the drawer and Kevin and his attorney takes major advantage of that. What he completelly fail to comprehend is that his two adorable son's are one day going to see how he litterly tried to destroy their mother. He should be ashamed of himself for what he is doing to her, and it will come back and hunt him for sure.

Anonymous said...

It is just amazing to me to read these posts of people still backing this psycho. "Poor Britney", "She is the victim", are you people nuts also or just stupid? You are backing a ex-pop star that for YEARS has been nothing more than a pill head drunk Friday night _lut, that refuses to grow up and take care of her OWN children! Nobody forced her to lay down the Kevin and pop out some puppies. All you people are doing is giving her an excuse to continue her self destruction, by blaming the press and Kevin and anyone else besides taking the blame for her own damn actions. You people make me sick. Then you are actually bashing Kevin. Where would those two little boys be if it wasn't for him? I guess you think they would be better off in a state run facility? Maybe foster care? Kevin has done nothing to deserve this reticule, nothing. If anything he has done most things correctly. He separated himself from a crazy women, went through the legal process and is now feeding and caring for those boys himself. What if this was turned around? None of your posts would even be here. We see it daily, young women with no education, party harder than most boys, sexually active at 14 years old, drinking under age, living moment by moment by the crack pipe or pill bottle. This seems to be the trend these days all over the country for young women. When they get into trouble by DUI's and staying out all night, and passing out screwed up in a bar. You people here are the first ones to point the blame else where! Everything she is getting here she created, she deserves. So please shut the hell up and point your ignorant uneducated glamor blind fingers at the only person at fault here. BRITNEY.