Thursday, January 31, 2008

Britney Loses Mind, Taken To Hospital On Gurney--Again

(image of Spears' peeps via People)

Lordy, ya'll. I'm sure most of you know by know that poor ole Britney Spears was taken by yet another police-ordered ambulence for yet another 72-hour hospital psychiatric evaluation last night. According to People:
Britney Spears was hospitalized at UCLA Medical Center for a psychiatric hold early Thursday morning, after being transported by ambulance from her Studio City home around 1 a.m.

An LAPD source tells PEOPLE: "Spears was escorted by police and is on her way to get help."

The singer, 26, was transported to UCLA for treatment and evaluation during a 72-hour emergency hold, known as a 5150.

"She went willingly. It was like something in her heart was telling her she should go. She knew something was wrong," confidant Sam Lutfi tells PEOPLE.

Police or a mental health professional can request one if a person is deemed to be a danger to herself or others. (Spears was held at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center on such an order earlier this month, following her Jan. 3 custody standoff with police.)

Spears's mother, Lynne – who's in the midst of a tense reunion with her daughter – friend Alli Sims and Lutfi were all inside the gated mansion when police and the fire department arrived.

What brought on the hospitalization? "She was driving around her neighborhood like a mad-woman," says a Spears family source. "Britney has been prescribed medication which she refuses to take. This is just another sad, sad evening."

Lutfi and Spears's father, Jamie, arrived at the hospital shortly after the singer. Her mother was later spotted leaving the Summit home with Spears's photographer beau, Adnan Ghalib, in the backseat.

Earlier in the night, Internet rumors claimed that the singer had attempted suicide, but Lutfi and Sims both denied those claims to PEOPLE.
Hmmm...this obviously doesn't sound like the whole story. Britney Spears was driving around like a madwoman and refused to take her meds? What else is new? That's just a Day In The Life for Brit-Brit. I bet something else happened...perhaps Angelina's pregnancy got her lil' mind to thinkin' about a stunt to get back on the cover of the tabloids? As I've said before, I cannot decide if she is genuinely mentally ill, a degenerate drug addict, or a master press manipulator hellbent on staying in the public eye at any cost. Or perhaps all three. So confusing!

I don't trust TMZ much for its accuracy (I know, it's not like People is much better, but in the pecking order of trashy celeb news outlets, People is like the Holy Bible compared to TMZ), but here's their account:
Last night, Britney's new psychiatrist went to her home and felt she was a danger to herself and others -- partly because of her reckless driving and partly because of her "downhill behavior." As a result, the shrink launched a plan (days in the making) to have Britney committed to UCLA Medical Center by calling the cops.

Sources tell us the cops knew it was coming. In fact, the plan was for cops and paramedics to take Britney away the night before, but it was scrubbed. Last night, it all went down according to plan. Cops even used code to minimize craziness in transporting Britney to the hospital. Over the police radio, she was referred to as "The Package."

Before the cops arrived, the shrink told her she was going back to the hospital and she offered no resistance. She said, "Is something wrong?" She made hot chocolate and waited. Her mom, Lynne, got extremely agitated, accusing Sam of engineering the impending commitment. We're told Brit told her to "shut the hell up." She demanded silence, sat on the floor and wrote notes to people who were there as they waited. When emergency personnel arrived, Brit went on the gurney without resistance.

When everyone arrived at UCLA, things got heated. Jamie Spears began screaming at Sam Lutfi, accusing him of trying to control Britney. We're told as far as the doctors are concerned -- at least for now -- Lynne and Jamie Spears are not calling the shots. The point guy for the docs is Brit's friend, Sam Lutfi.

Sources say after Britney's commitment earlier this month, she was extremely upset at her dad for getting angry at Sam and the hospital staff. Britney had lawyers draft several documents, however, we're told she did not sign a durable power of attorney giving Lutfi the power to make medical decisions on her behalf. Nevertheless, something was signed and doctors are going to Lutfi for guidance. Jamie went off on Lutfi in the hallway, accusing him of trying to control his daughter.

Britney has been calm in the hospital, even getting a "cigarette break."

TMZ also posted a video of Britney's ambulance going to the hospital, which you can watch here if you really want to.

That image of Britney making hot chocolate and writing notes while she waited for the ambulance come take her away is rather chilling, for some reason. Shudder!

I'll update as much as I can...however I do have, like, non-Britney stuff I need to do today. I'll do my best!

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