Friday, January 25, 2008

Another Celeb Might Be Pregnant. OF COURSE.

Star magazine says that despite the fact she is wasting away into nothingness and can't even nourish her own veins, Angelina Jolie has somehow managed to become pregnant with twins--but since we're talking about only Star reporting this so far, I'd take it with a grain of salt. Also, I could give a crap and am so sick to death of pregnant celebs it makes me want to hurl:
Angelina Jolie is pregnant again --and she is expecting lover Brad Pitt's twins, Star has confirmed.

Angie only discovered that she is eating for three over the past week, a source very close to the Lara Croft star reveals.
Is there anything worse than the word "lover"? Besides being pregnant with said lovah's twins, I mean?

If this is true, we must all prepare ourselves for NEVER-ENDING, 24/7, 365-DAYS-A-YEAR JOLIE-PITT TWIN COVERAGE FOR THE REST OF OUR LIVES. Can you imagine if they turn out to be identical? IT WILL BE A NIGHTMARE.


Anonymous said...

Didn't Liz Lemon say she only liked the word "Lover" if it was sandwiched between the words "Meat" and "Pizza"?

Terri R.

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