Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Big Fun Says Teenage Pregnancy: Don't Do It!

(photo via evil beet)

Just when you thought the Spears family couldn't possibly get any trashier without actually moving to the city dump and wallowing around like a bunch of ruttin' pigs, one of the young'uns up and gets herself a bun in the oven from some dude in an Abercrombie t-shirt. Just like Mary and Joseph, ya'll! From People Magazine:
Britney Spears's 16-year-old sister Jamie Lynn Spears is pregnant.

Nickelodeon, which carries her TV show Zoey 101, said in a statement: "We respect Jamie Lynn's decision to take responsibility in this sensitive and personal situation. We know this is a very difficult time for her and her family, and our primary concern right now is for Jamie Lynn's well being."

Spears and her mother confirmed the pregnancy to OK! magazine, saying she was 12 weeks along and the father is Jamie Lynn's longtime boyfriend Casey Aldridge. Aldridge's mother confirmed it to TMZ.com.

In a completely unrelated story, the release of Lynne "Big Mama" Spears' book on childrearing tips has been postponed.

I wonder how Britney will react? Will she be excited for young Jamie Lynn's impending motherhood/doom? Will she become hysterical at the prospect of being upstaged by her possibly All About Eve-ish sister/interloper? OR WILL SHE SIMPLY KEEP DANCING AROUND HER HOUSE IN A BIKINI LIKE NOTHING IS HAPPENING?

(photo of Britney, lil' Jamie Lynn, and bitter brother in happier times via tee mix)

Just like Jamie Lynn, this story is developing...

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Anonymous said...

I love how all the stories try to make it remotely respectable by referring to Casey as her "long-time boyfriend" and that she met him in High School. Y'all, she's 16--she'd only been in high school for a couple years at most, and how longtime can any relationship be when somebody's been on the planet fewer years than my iPod?