Thursday, December 13, 2007

"Mysterious Collapse" Is Liza's Middle Name!

Nooooo! Liza Minelli is down! Repeat! LIZA IS DOWN! From Reuters:
Veteran entertainer Liza Minnelli collapsed on stage a few songs into a performance in Sweden's second city and was taken to hospital before being discharged on Thursday, a concert promoter said.

Minnelli collapsed during a Christmas show Wednesday night and fell off the side of the stage but was caught by a technician and escaped additional injuries, said Michael Silfverskiold, a local promoter.

"It was a terrible situation," he said. "She fell off the side of the stage. The production manager caught her."

Minnelli, 61, was appearing in a Christmas show, together with Swedish performers. It was the final show after another performance in Gothenburg on Tuesday and shows in Stockholm over the weekend.

Minnelli, the daughter of actress Judy Garland, has been a singer, dancer and actress since her childhood, appearing in numerous films and stage shows. She won an Academy Award as best actress for her performance in Cabaret in 1972.

She was discharged from the hospital Thursday morning and flown back to the United States, Silfverskiold said. He did not know the cause of the collapse and had no other information about her medical condition.

The promoter said her condition had clearly affected her performance. "You could see she was in pain," he said.

Police were called to the venue, the Scandinavium, after reports crowds of concert-goers were angry and had demanded their money back.

But police spokesman Tomas Fuxborg said by the time police had arrived at the scene there was no sign of any trouble.

What would I give to see video of the production manager catching Liza after she fell off the stage? Well, I guess the better question is what wouldn't I give!

Also, how awesome do the Swedes have it? They not only got to see Liza in a holiday spectacular, albeit briefly, but they also got to witness one of her legendary collapses! Just in time for Christmas! Lucky bastards..and then they had to nerve to get "angry"! They should count their Swedish blessings! (Is the high ticket prices for concerts the reason why audiences have been so surly lately when performers disappoint them in a live, Christmas-themed setting? First it was Hall & Oates and now Liza! Is there finally no sense of decency, sir(s), I ask? As Friend of Felt Up Terri R. likes to say, holiday audiences will turn on you like a chow!)

Be careful out there, Liza! We heart you!


Anonymous said...

Why didn't we go see her perform in Dallas? WHY?!!?!

Terri R.

TrAngela said...

The video of her performance right before she exits the show and collapses is on the interWebz. It's truly tragic. She might as well be in her house coat guzzling vodka out of the bottle. EEKS!!!