Saturday, December 29, 2007

Little Bundle Of Botox On The Way?

(photo via fresno beehive)

According to the UK Daily Mail, which of course could be totally wrong, Nicole Kidman has a bun in the oven:
Nicole Kidman and her husband of 18 months are expecting their first baby, the Daily Mail can reveal.

The Oscar-winning actress and Keith Urban, the country and western singer she calls the "love of my life", broke the news to their families over the Christmas holiday.

The 40-year-old Australian star had already spoken of "winding down" her film-making activities as much as possible next year.

The baby, whose expected arrival date has not yet been revealed, will be the actress's first natural child.

She adopted Isabella, 14, and twelve-year-old Conor during her first marriage to Tom Cruise.

OK. First, I love how the Daily Mail says that Nicole and Keith "broke the news to their families," like they were announcing something terrible. Heh.

Second, isn't this one more piece of evidence that suggests TOM CRUISE IS NOT THE FATHER OF SURI? (Just as some people believe there was a second gunman in The Grassy Knoll in Dallas during the Kennedy assassination, I happen to believe that there was a second "shooter" in the knocking up of Katie Holmes, and his name is Chris Klein. As an American, it is my right! If I ever disappear under mysterious circumstances, blame the Scientologists!) Sure, Nicole had two miscarriages during their marriage, but people trying to have kids often suffer through several miscarriages. I'm just suggesting it's all a bit fishy. FISHY, I say!

Also, has anyone studied the effects on the fetus of massive amounts of Botox floating around the system of a pregnant lady?

And finally, I've said it before and I'm sure I'll be saying it some more: EVERYONE IS PREGNANT. Bleh!

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