Wednesday, December 12, 2007

It Is Time For You To Stop All Of Your Sobbing

A rare moment of composure.

I don't want to spoil anyone who didn't seen tonight's Project Runway, but this part I'm about to talk about has been alluded to ad nauseum in the previews so I don't feel too bad. Stop reading now if you're terrified of spoilers. Go read something else!

Anyway, I am compelled to point out that the ONE TIME that Ricky, Our Lingerie-Designing Lady of the Terrible Headwear, didn't bawl his eyes out was the same moment that everyone else on the show--even ridonkulous hipster Christian--was crying rivers of tears! The early departure of Jack due to a nasty-looking facial staph infection brought on by his HIV caused much sadness at the Parsons workroom--with the exception of Ricky. He shed nary a tear while all around him was sobbing and shock and sorrow and verklempt-ness.

But later in the show his model gives him some praise--and he weeps. And she gives him a little more encouragement--and he sobs. The man has cried on every single episode of this series--sometimes several times throughout--but only when the situation has to do with HIMSELF.

It's entirely possible might actually be more of a monomaniac narcissist than Christian, albeit with a much less annoying voice. Or I could be completely wrong. Stay tuned!

That dress of Steven's looked more like Wednesday Addams than a French maid, but what do I know? I am but a simple bloggette... I also thought token not-gay Kevin's design should've won...And why didn't the judges give more crap to Gillian for not using any of the original outfit she was given? I thought that was a complete cop-out. Boo, hiss! But I did love Dame Michael Kors' "it's a little Shirley MacLaine as a hooker with a heart of gold" comment about Chris' "French '50s"-by-way-of-Hot Topic outfit. Yay, huzzah!

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Anonymous said...

If Gillian had won, I would have been outraged. She didn't follow the challenge AT ALL. I kind of hate her and her voice drives me insane. Bleh!

Terri R.