Thursday, December 20, 2007

Frightening Celeb Photo of the Day, v.2

These photos have been floating around the interwebs for a few days, but your humble Felt Up blogette got so distracted by Jamie Lynn-gate that she forgot! Anyway, without further ado, here's Miss Tara Reid in her current state:

If you really want to, you can see more from this photo shoot here.

Poor Tara. She is desperately flailing around, trying in vain to salvage the shabby, sad, tattered remnants of her once semi-thriving career. Instead of acting in teen sex comedies, she's been reduced to traveling to other hemispheres for sub-D-list paid party appearances, and apparently she thinks the way to inject some life into her image is to drain all the actual life out of her body. It's a bold move, but begs the question: If an aging drunken starlet loses half her body weight in a forest and there's no one there to watch, did it really happen? Also, what is the sound of one deflated boob clapping?

These are the thoughts that keep me awake at night, when I'm not worried about, you know, wars-n-stuff...

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