Monday, December 17, 2007

Frightening Celeb Photo Of All Time Unto Infinity

Sorry to do this to you on a Monday and all, but:

Apparently David Guest was involved in something called a "panto" in the UK that required him to dress up like his ex-beard Liza "Mysterious Collapse" Minelli. Which is both in poor taste and EXTREMELY DISTURBING. Here's another one to make you want to wish you'd never been born with sight:

Oddly, he looks more like Keith Moon in drag than anything else. I don't know what deeper meaning can be gleaned from this phenomenon, other than the fact that the end of civilization is nigh, of course...which the girl on the left is probably praying for with every fiber of her being (I sure hope she had a Silkwood-style shower after this traumatic incident!). Is that guy in the plaid suit supposed to be Daniel Day Lewis? And the one on the end is either an especially pervy Teletubby or quite possibly Nicole Kidman:

Has the whole world lost its mind?

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