Thursday, November 01, 2007

Sometimes I Watch TV

Did anyone else catch The Sex Pistols on Craig Ferguson last night? It was a total delight! Johnny Lydon is chubby now in a quite adorable way and he kept rubbing his belly and lifting up his shirt and tweaking his nipples, plus he shouted "fat is the new slim!" at the end of the performance of "Pretty Vacant." Cheeky! Also, incredibly, all four members (original bass player Glenn Matlock has taken over for Sid Vicious, RIP) have completely full heads of hair, which is jaw-droppingly amazing considering they are a) in late middle-age, and,rather more importantly, b) British. Good times!

Speaking of good times, the premiere of the fifth season of Nip/Tuck was très incroyable. The move to L.A. has somehow brought the show back to its tacky, over-the-top roots and I couldn't be happier! What was my favorite part, you ask? Well, it's very hard to choose! I looooooooved the Tia Carrera as the extreme-S&M-mistress-who-masticates-on-studio-chief -Craig Bierko's-burly-chest storyline, but Oliver Platt and Bradley Cooper as the director and star of Hearts & Scalpels, the hilariously Nip/Tuck-ish show-within-a-show were also tremendous, as was Lauren Hutton as a devious publicist. However, top honors have to go to the always-awesome Jennifer Coolidge and her tour-de-force "pussy lips" line-reading. Brava, lady, brava!

If you've never been into Nip/Tuck or got turned-off by the endless serial killer/organ theft ring story arcs from the last couple of seasons, you need to get off your high horse and get thee to a tv-watchery and tune in to the F/X network on Tuesdays at 9pm because Nip/Tuck IS BACK!

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Anonymous said...

The Nip/Tuck premiere was a DELIGHT. How I'd missed Dr. Christian Troy. But not so much Dr. Sean McNamara. He's lame.

Terri R.