Thursday, October 25, 2007

Pretty Incredibly Awesome

Friend of Felt Up Shazza C. just sent in this tip that despite the yearning of an anxious, war-weary nation for a Tommy Lee or an Axl Rose to take over the Ridiculous Rocker Bachelor duties on next season's Rock of Love, VH1 has gone with the safe choice and re-cast Bret Michaels after last season's fake relationship with Jes didn't work out.

Harrumph! I was sooooo looking forward to CC Deville's Rock of Love! CC is a total delight! Like a borscht belt comedian with Gwen Stefani's hair! Although, to be fair, I must say that I admire Bret Michaels' continued commitment to triumphing over "mediocracy." The more pressing issue: Where is the new VH1 program for Heather, The Hardest-Looking 32-Year-Old (Even In Stripper Years) On Earth?

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