Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Frightening Angelina Jolie Vein Photos of The Day

Serioulsy, my peeps, whose hand/arm is the scariest of them all? Angelina Jolie's or Madonna's? I just can't decide! Both are totally terrifying!

However, today the question on at least one nation's lips is whether or not Angelina's extremely disturbing gnarled claws look worse than an old man's. The delightfully trashy UK Daily Mail helpfully compares Angelina's gross, ancient-looking crone hands in a vein-off with actual old person Clint Eastwood's--and no suprise here--Angelina loses!
She is more than four decades younger than him and has only one Oscar to his two.

But when it comes to bulging veins Angelina Jolie has the upper hand on Clint Eastwood.

On the set of their new film The Changeling, the actress, 32, displayed a pair of translucent, lined forearms and skeletal fingers that looked even older than the veteran film-maker's.

Check 'em out--can you tell whose arm is 32 years old and whose is 77?

Clint's is on the right!

And here's another view:

Angelina's veiny arm might make a scaaaaaary Halloween costume! Although being a pale veiny cylindrical thing might raise a few eyebrows. Or not, depending on your neighborhood....

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