Friday, September 21, 2007

My Reality Show Worlds Collide!


Kat Von D. from "L.A. Ink" (and formerly of "Miami Ink") on TLC is madly in love with Orbi, the Greg Allman-esque son of Roy Orbison who plays drums for Cisco Adler's's band Whitestarr and co-stars in "The Rock Life" on VH1!

Check out Kat Von D.'s Myspace blog for all the juicy details, including their 32-hour first meeting/kissathon in her tattoo parlor office!

I haven't been this excited since Coolidge and Salami from "The White Shadow" popped up together on "St. Elswehere"! And yes, I realize how much this reference both dates me and makes me sound like a television-addicted lunatic nutty nutball!

Huzzah! Viva Katorbii!

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Txbrenna said...

Unrelated to current post: I don't know if Tyra Banks gets on your nerves as much as she does mine, but here's a great post about her talk show bullshit.