Monday, September 10, 2007

If Only Britney Had Been This Entertaining

Ha ha ha! Apparently the only exciting thing at last night's duuulll MTV Video Music Awards happened in the audience, as Pamela Anderson's exes Kid Rock and Tommy Lee got into a big hissy-fit catfight. According to

As MTV veejay Sway reported during the post-show telecast: "Tommy Lee was sitting by Diddy. [Kid Rock] just walked up and decked him!" It was unclear how the fight started, and there was no immediate word on whether police got involved.

According to an onlooker in the audience, "They had each other at the necks, they were practically strangling each other." Another eyewitness saw Tommy Lee escorted out, "screaming the f-word over and over again." He was taken out into main casino in front of thousands of fans.

The awesome thing is that the MTV cameras were able to catch part of the fight, and you can watch it here.

Hilarious! Bravo, Kid Rock and Tommy Lee, for livening up the world's biggest snoozefest! Bravo!

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Anonymous said...

Apparently the fight prompted Jamie Foxx to call for an end to "white-on-white violence." Ha!

Also, while Britney WAS dull and lethargic, I take issue with all the reviews calling her "paunchy." Her body looked just fine!

Terri R.