Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Steve Coogan: Killer of Stallions?

Well, the Owen Wilson suicide attempt has taken a bizarre turn, as nutty nutball Courtney Love has been flapping her gums to the press that British comedian Steve Coogan (who starred in 24 Hour Party People) is to blame for Wilson's drug problems. From The NY Post:
Funnyman actor Owen Wilson was hooked on heroin and cocaine, struggling with depression and hanging out with the wrong crowd in the months before his attempted suicide, according to a bombshell new report.

Wilson's drug use was so frequent, it was even the cause of his Memorial Day breakup with Kate Hudson.

And his friends are placing the blame squarely on Wilson's newfound best buddy, British actor Steve Coogan, with whom he starred in several films, according to exclusive interviews in US Weekly magazine.

"I went through it with Steve," Coogan's former girlfriend, rocker Courtney Love, told US.

"I was just out of rehab, and he was right there with the drugs. I tried to warn Owen. I tried to warn his friends. I hope from the bottom of my heart that Owen stays the hell away from that guy."

Wilson's addiction was so severe, his pal Woody Harrelson tried to stage an intervention at his home in Maui.

"Owen went to Maui, Hawaii, to kick his habit," a longtime Wilson pal told the mag. "He was like a baby on that couch."

The friend said that heroin was the first thing that came to mind when Wilson and Hudson split and he suddenly "disappeared off the face of the earth."

"I thought, briefly, he might be back on heroin, but we all really felt he'd kicked that ages ago," his friend said.

Loyal Felt Up readers may remember that way back in 2005, Miss Courtney Love announced to the world that she was pregnant with Steve Coogan's lovechild, and nothing much every came of that story, plus she's a whack job, so I must say that I take her claims with a grain of salt.

Unless she is some kind of tragic Boy Who Cried Wolf-esque heroine whose warnings to the world about the manifold dangers of Steve Coogan have fallen on deaf ears...oh, I don't know what to think anymore! Nothing makes sense! White is black! Up is down! Steve Coogan is the Anti-Christ! Courtney Love is a Cassandra! The Butterscotch Stallion is a depressed suicidal junkie!


Somebody somewhere needs to figure out what is going on. And I hope that someone is Owen's hunky older brother Andrew Wilson, and that he realizes just how much he needs some close, personal, one-on-one help from a certain blogette in Texas who knows how to soothe a fevered brow...I'M HERE FOR YOU, WILSON BROTHERS! RIGHT HERE IN AUSTIN, THE PERFECT RETREAT FROM THE CRAZINESS OF HOLLYWOOD! STEVE COOGAN AND COURTNEY LOVE WILL NEVER FIND YOU HERE, IN MY BOUDOIR! NEVER!


Rebekah said...

Dear God! Woody Harrelson was staging the intervention?!?

Anonymous said...

Andrew is the hottest Wilson Brother, for sure. I hope they hear about your offer. For their sake and yours.