Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Rodeo, We Hardly Knew Ye

Run over to VH1 and read this awesome interview with Rodeo from "Rock of Love." The cowbay-hatted, highly be-muscled fan favorite who was eliminated last week (along with baby-voiced "meth face" porn star Brandi C.) discusses being paralyzed in a high dive accident, surviving cancer, losing a baby, eating meat six times a day, doing lunges around the track, not wanting to kiss another girl for "Rock of Love," and cries approximately 1,000 times, just like on the show. Go right now! DO IT!

Can I just mention here how addictive this show is? (Although now that Rodeo is gone, a little bit of the heart and soul--and craaazy--of the show has left, too.) Which stripper with giant fake boobs will win? Will Lacey simply murder all the contestants? Does her evil know no bounds? Should she be allowed to roam free in society?

Bret Michaels looks like a blonde, balding Carrot Top.


Anonymous said...

I'm very afraid of Lacey.

Terri R.

Anonymous said...

Her DVD "Rodeo's Legs of Steel."

Her "all-natural sausage" AND barbeque sauce.

That's quite a lady, there...