Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Frightening Celeb Photo of The Day

A wee change o' pace for the FCPOTD, folks. This time, it's a man! Well, sort of. More like a "man-child":

photo via the WOW Report

Yes, good ole Babyshamble Pete Doherty has dyed his hair puke yellow as part of his campaign to win back the love of Kate Moss. Besides looking like this:

photo via the UK Sun

...he also has been quoted as calling Ms. Moss a "nasty old rag" and describing their relationship as being very similar in nature to the "Vietnam War." And for some reason these ploys are not working on his former special lady! I ask you, what kind of unfeeling monster could shun such romantic efforts at pitching woo? Kate Moss, have you no heart? No soul? No BRAIN?


Anonymous said...

his hair matches his teeth. neat! xxev

Anonymous said...


It looks like even through a photograph the funk from his mouth could be registered.

Gotta agree with xxev -- the hair match the teeth. Scary stuff!

~ Spare E