Monday, August 27, 2007

Butterscotch Stallion Attempts To End His Wild Ride

The National Enquirer and ABC News are reporting that Owen Wilson was hospitalized after trying to kill himself by slitting his writsts and taking a bunch of pills. From Star Magazine:
Actor Owen Wilson was hospitalized after attempting suicide, sources tell the NATIONAL ENQUIRER and Star magazine exclusively.

Wilson was transported to St. John’s hospital in Santa Monica , Calif. on Sunday, August 26, by ambulance. Sources tell the ENQUIRER and Star that he sliced his left wrists and took an indeterminate amount of pills.

He was discovered by a family member who summoned help.

Police and an ambulance responded to a 911 call from Owen’s house around noon on Sunday.

His wrist was sutured and bandaged at the hospital.

The ENQUIRER and Star broke the story of Owen’s hospitalization earlier Sunday and revealed that he was being transferred from St. John’s after being stabilized. The publications learned that he was going to be detoxed.

Owen was brought in to St. John’s in very serious condition. Police were on the scene immediately as was a criminal defense attorney, believed to be working for Wilson. Some of Owen’s family was with him.

Wilson was stabilized at St. John’s

I know I'm terrible, but did anyone else immediately envision the scene from "The Royal Tennenbaums" in which his brother Luke Wilson's character Richie Tennenbaum tries to kill himself as "Needle In The Hay" by Elliot Smith played in the background? Well, here it is if you need reminding or never saw it:

Kind of eery, huh?

Get better Stallion! Skinny ole Kate Hudson is sooooooo not worth it!


Anonymous said...

If you're terrible, than so am I. Even in his tragic state, he had to know that people would compare this to the movie that he
CO-WROTE. Poor Butterscotch Stallion. I hope he's ok...

Terri R.

Anonymous said...

All I could think about was that scene from RT!!!

Anonymous said...

NOO.. What I pictured was him reading "don't kill yourself books" - said vince vaughn in wedding crashers.. when he found that book in his apt.

so sad. i pray for him to have the strength to get through this and that his family and TRUE friends have the courage to guide him, and help him on his recovery.