Thursday, August 09, 2007

Back To Black Out

From the "Least Surprising Event Ever" File comes this report that yesterday's Amy Winehouse collapse from "exhaustion" was actually a drug overdose. From the UK Sun (and I'll preemptively point out that the confusingly British-y reference to "A&E" does not mean the "Arts & Entertainment" section of the hospital, but to the emergency room):
LIMP Amy Winehouse was dragged through an A&E unit’s double doors before collapsing from a huge drug overdose yesterday.
The semi-conscious singer was hauled in by husband Blake Fielder-Civil and a girl pal.

When she reached the reception desk, her legs buckled and she fell to the floor with a shriek.

The party-loving star’s trademark beehive hair hung lank around her shoulders as staff at London’s University College Hospital rushed her for emergency treatment.

Tattooed Amy, whose stick-thin frame and sallow complexion has worried friends and fans alike, was given an adrenaline shot in the early hours drama. And she had her stomach pumped.

Last night her record company Island claimed she was admitted suffering from “severe exhaustion”.

But The Sun can reveal an overdose was the cause of the collapse.

No one seems to know exactly what drug she was on, although the article mentions that marijuana, cocaine, booze, and crack have been faves of La Winehouse for some time.

The worst thing about this situation? All the articles that will make puns on Amy being forced to say "yes, yes, yes" to rehab. Or a million variations thereof. Personally I think most of her problems would be solved if she would just dump that dodgy nogoodnik cad rent boy husband of hers...


Anonymous said...

I read recently that she attributed her skinny physique to giving up marijuana and to starting to work out. I hate when celebrities try to act like that's all you have to do to weigh 85 lbs. Harrumph! What it really takes is starvation plus la cocaina!

Terri R.

Anonymous said...

You said 'rent boy'.