Friday, August 10, 2007

Amy Winehouse In House Without Wine

As predicted, Amy Winehouse has been admitted to London's The Priory for a drug rehab program. Acccording to the UK Sun, her overdose was the result of a three-day binge she embarked upon immediately after arriving in London after performing at Lollapalooza in Chicago earlier in the week. Besides vast quantities of vodka-n-lemonades and whiskey downed at old-man pubs near the airport, she allegedly took a crapload of ecstasy, cocaine, and Ketamine until she eventually went into a k-hole, had some kind of a fit, and had to be carried off to the emergency room by her dodgy nogoodnik cad rent boy husband and a female friend.


Also, as predicted, the "Rehab" puns are flying fast-n-furious on the interwebs...

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Anonymous said...

Amy W. and Pete D. need to hook up. They could share a hospital beds and borrow each others clothes then make a date to do whippits and go to the dentist. Whadda mess. erica v