Friday, August 10, 2007

Amy Winehouse In House With Wine After All?

The UK's New Musical Express is reporting that Amy Winehouse has not actually entered rehab, but has instead esconced herself in a London hotel to dry out:
Amy Winehouse is recovering from her suspected overdose in a hotel in London, and has not entered rehab, as had been previously reported in the UK press.

Reports have suggested that Winehouse suffered from a drug overdose at 1am on Wednesday (August 8), and was treated with an adrenaline shot before her stomach was pumped.

Despite newspaper reports that the singer had entered The Priory rehab clinic, the latest information is that she has locked herself in a London hotel room to recover.

Well, that sounds about right: Party hardy, overdose, collapse, get stomach pumped, have adrenaline shot, check into hotel, order room service. What could possibly go wrong?

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