Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Britney Meltdown Interview UPDATE

Thanks to Gawker.com, which pointed the way to this blog, here are some more details on The Great Britney Spears OK Magazine Meltdown Interview of 2007, which apparently came from an "insider" from the magazine:
Britney allegedly wanders around babbling like a baby – as in baby talk. Half the time her head can’t stay straight, lolling around on her neck like a bobble. I’m told she also has no boundaries and allegedly, several times, when she had to pee, even though one of the washrooms was being used as a staging area, she would drop trou and make a tinkle WITHOUT CLOSING THE DOOR and an entire crew working around her...

The girl allegedly can’t stop touching herself. As in fondling her breasts, rubbing between her legs… I can hardly bear to write this. She apparently goes about it absent-mindedly, as if not aware she’s not alone and at the same time, genuinely curious about her own body, described to me as “like a 5 year old discovering her genitalia for the first time”. Allegedly of course.

Boy, Chanel-dress-dog-poo-scooping is one thing, but this is quite sad. You're putting me on an emotional roller coaster, Britney Spears! The whole uncontrollably-rubbing-her-ladyparts thing has the ring of truth about it, doesn't it? Like La Lohan, she seems to be going down that tragic Judy Garland Former Child Star Shame Spiral, of which I'm normally quite the fan, but it's starting to get depressing. Not depressing enough to keep me from savoring all the details, of course, but pretty bad...


Anonymous said...

I wish that cute little dog was MINE. Who knows what kind of horrible things that puppy has seen? Shudder.

Terri R.

Anonymous said...

b.spears is totally dead to me. using couture to clean up, NOT ACCEPTABLE!!!! There are underpaid fabulous people who dream of having gucci and chanel whatnots in our closets.

I'm thinking the pills (she has no glamour to call them Dolls like the rest of us) are her latest vice.

I want my OK! mag NOW!!!!