Friday, June 29, 2007

Stars Can Be Vein

This seems to be the week for scary-looking appendages on female celebs. Today's gross-out pic is of a gnarled crone-like hand:

photo via

But the truly shocking thing is that this cadaverous claw belongs not to someone in her 40s or 90s but to Ms. Katie "Trapped In The Closet With Tom Cruise" Holmes, who is 28! Ack!

Is she an exercise bulimic like Madonna? Is she on the mourning diet like Angelina Jolie (except instead of a dead mother it's the death of her career, sanity, freedom, self-esteem, and sex life that has sapped her will to eat)? Maybe she's been scraping at the bars of her cage for too long? Perhaps the zap of the e-meter has terrible vein-related side effects? IS SHE ACTUALLY DEAD AND BEING PORTRAYED BY A SCIENTOLOGIST ANIMATRONIC ROBOT WHOSE "VEINS" HAVE YET TO BE PERFECTED?

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