Thursday, June 07, 2007

No Justice, No Peace!

(image via The WOW Report)

Goddamn stupid Paris Hilton got out of goddamn stupid jail early and is now under goddamn stupid house arrest in her stupid 4,000 square foot home. Froms goddamn stupid CNN:
Paris Hilton was let out of jail Thursday morning, days after she began serving what was to have been a 45-day sentence for violating probation, a spokesman for the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department said.

Hilton must wear a monitoring bracelet and remain at her home for another 40 days, said sheriff's department spokesman Steve Whitmore.

Medical considerations "played a part" in the decision to offer Hilton home confinement for the remainder of her sentence, Whitmore said. (Watch Whitmore detail Hilton's deal Video)

He said privacy rules prohibited him from giving details about the medical issues, but celebrity Web site earlier quoted sources saying Hilton was refusing to eat much of the jail food served her.

Whitmore said that after "extensive consultation with medical personnel" it was decided to offer Hilton "reassignment" to home confinement, which she and her attorneys accepted. (Watch Hilton enter jail Video)

Part of the deal was that her original sentence of 45 days, which had been reduced to 23 days if she showed good behavior behind bars, would be restored to the full length. Although she reported to the jail just before midnight Sunday and departed in the early hours of Thursday, she was given credit for five days, he said.

AAAAAAAAAAH! Nothing makes me more violent than celebs getting preferential treatment! NOTHING! Do we live in the United States of America, where all men are supposedly created equal? NO! Apparently not! We apparently live in a caste system in which the rich and ridiculous have their own ultra-special rarified tier of "justice" and the rest of us can go f**k ourselves!

If it's true that her "medical condition" is that she didn't eat the goddamned prison food, then it would only be fair to let out every single other non-violent offender who lays off the chow. INMATES OF AMERIKA: STOP EATING RIGHT NOW AND CALL A PUBLICIST!

This is such an outrage I can't even think straight. I am in a total tizzy. I'm having a cow. A cow, I say!



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Anonymous said...

Being rich means never having to say you're sorry.