Wednesday, June 27, 2007

It's A Fine Line Between Crazy And Tacky

Heh. This picture of Britney Spears shows her looking so trashy and skeezy that gossip queen Janet Charlton can only come up with one explanation: SHE HAS LOST HER EVER-LOVING MIND:

Janet says:
We hate to say it but Britney Spears seems like she's losing touch with reality. Why else would she go out looking like an off-duty Eastern European stripper? It's not just booze or drugs or tacky fashion - we're afraid she might have serious mental problems. She's lost it and she won't listen to anyone. When you're rich and struggling with possible mental illness and IN DENIAL, what can anyone do? We feel guilty making fun of her because every day it's more apparent that she's hanging by a thread. It's entirely possible that her next stop will be a mental hospital.

I guess if Britney really is a certifiable Anne Heche/Margot Kidder-ish nutjob who ends up carted off to the loony bin because she's gone of her meds, well, I'll feel real bad, ya'll, but right now I think it's hilarious that total batshit insanity is now considered the most likely explanation in some people's minds for her skantastic outfits, when to me it is crystal clear that the girl simply has no taste, no class, and no idea how to flatter herself--which also happen to be the top three reasons I loooove her so much. Don't go changin', Brit! If you suddenly got all fashiony and sophisticated I would have nothing to live for! And for god's sake, stay away from Posh!

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