Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Minner Driver's Loss Is Cameron Diaz' Mistake!

Just in case the idea of Cameron Diaz canoodling in Las Vegas with gothy/ludicrous "Mindfreak" magician Criss Angel wasn't weird enough, now the word is that Mr. Angel was engaged to Minnie Driver during said canoodling! From the UK's Daily Mail:
Her love life has been about the most disastrous in Hollywood - the lowpoint coming when Matt Damon dumped her on air in front of millions of U.S. TV viewers on the Oprah Winfrey show.

And it seems Minnie Driver faces heartache again after her fiancé left her for fellow actress Cameron Diaz.

The London-born star of Good Will Hunting seemed to have found her man, when back in September, American TV magician Criss Angel proposed to her after a romantic holiday in Mexico.

But on Monday night, Angel was spotted arm-in-arm "cuddling and snuggling" with Charlie's Angel actress Diaz.

Angel and Miss Diaz made no attempt to hide their affection for one another during a romantic dinner at the Prime Steakhouse in Las Vegas.

And after dinner the couple travelled in style, taking his Rolls Royce to the Mirage hotel, where they watched the Beatles-inspired Cirque de Soleil show, Love.

An onlooker told The Mail: "They were very obviously a couple enjoying a great date. He kept making jokes and she was giggling all the time. They were cuddling and snuggling and he kept whispering in her ear – they looked very happy together."

But while Angel and Miss Diaz were the picture of happiness, Miss Driver is said to be devastated after being jilted for the third time.

One close friend admitted: "I really can’t believe this has happened to her again."

Oh, but I can believe it. There's a bit of the crazy in Minnie Driver's eyes...and anyone who would get engaged to a magician named "Mindfreak" is obviously quite mad. I've always had kind of a love/hate thing with Minnie....I want to like her--she seems like someone I'm supposed to like--but something always makes me think twice about it. On the one hand, she has refreshingly un-Hollywood looks...on the other, she made such a big hairy deal about losing her Circle of Friends method-acting weight. On the one hand, she can't keep a man, and that gives her a patina of sympathy...on the other, she was born into an incredibly rich family and is even wealthier now that she's a movie star. I like her work on The Riches...but I wish she wouldn't try to be a singer. She's cute and lovely, especially when she smiles....but she's a bit too pointy and has a tendency to scowl. She might be fun to hang out with....but can probably be a complete crazy beyotch. Oh, I could go on and on. Let's put it this way: I like her more than most actresses working today (which isn't saying much). O, Minnie, leave me be!

What was I talking about? Oh, right. Minnie losing her fiancee/illusionist to Cameron Diaz. Hmmm...well, I think you can do better, lady! The next guy who dumps you should at least be another actor!


Felt Up readers, please enjoy this mini gallery of ridonkulous Criss Angel photos (and keep in mind that this is the man two movie stars are fighting over!):


Anonymous said...

it's curious that 2 hollywood actressese are fighting over this gay man.

Anonymous said...

I can't help liking Minnie Driver b/c of her cute scratchy voice, her work in "Good Will Hunting" and "Will & Grace" and the horrible spectacle of her public breakups (it does make her seem more normal-person, less movie-star). I'd like to get a pint with her.

Terri R.

Anonymous said...

Are we sure this "Criss Angel" isn't just some elaborate Ben Stiller parody character?

Anonymous said...

that guy is a chode dipped in douchebag with a coating of dumbass.