Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Fashion Dealt A Blow

British fashion icon, muse, and famous hat-wearer Isabella Blow has died, and though the official cause of death was given as ovarian cancer, people in the know are saying that she may have committed suicide, because that was kind of her thing. From the NY Daily News:
Fashion lost an eccentric icon yesterday with the death of Isabella Blow, a British stylist, editor and former assistant of Vogue's Anna Wintour and Andre Leon Talley.

But friends familiar with her suicidal tendencies - especially in recent weeks - are questioning the official cause of death, given as cancer.

One magazine source tells me: "She tried to kill herself again last week and drank bleach, then on another occasion tried to jump out of [her husband] Detmar 's car."

Self-administered poison was the leading theory among New York fashionistas yesterday, gathering for the annual Met Costume Institute's Benefit Gala.

Wintour said that Blow, 48, "was a true British original, and [her death] is a great loss to fashion and to us all." Blow's outlandish personal style was lionized by designers including Alexander McQueen and John Galliano, and made the career of hatmaker Philip Treacy.

In 2005, she tried to kill herself by jumping off a London bridge. After breaking her feet and no longer being able to wear any of her 280 pairs of spiked heels, she was inundated by gifts of flat shoes from designers including Manolo Blahnik and Christian Laboutin.

Fellow style icon Victoria Beckham, on hearing of the 2005 suicide attempt, famously declared: "What genius!"

Oh, Posh. I think maybe you are the real genius!

It sounds like maybe the world was too cruel a place for someone like Ms. Blow. Although anyone who could work for Anna Wintour and live to tell the tale must have had inner reserves of strength--or was that just another failed death wish? Anyway, a sad story, but also rather fabulous...


Anonymous said...

i love Posh. A lot.

Anonymous said...

i loved seeing her in the life aquatic.