Monday, May 14, 2007

Cougar Catfight!

Huzzah! A gossip item about "aging divas" Joan Collins and Linda Evans getting a teensy bit too method actor-y in their onstage slugfests! From Page Six:
JOAN Collins and Linda Evans, who famously mixed it up in catfight after catfight on "Dynasty," are battling again - but this time it's for real.

Collins' camp tells us the 73-year-old diva was badly injured when Evans, 64, got carried away as they toured in James Kirkwood's play "Legends," portraying faded stars who've hated each other for years but get the chance to make a comeback if they can work together. During the show, which just completed a 30-week, cross-country run, the actresses rough each other up - but things got a bit too physical.

"Joan ended the tour with a sprained knee, a scar on her hand and almost choked to death," a rep for Collins told Page Six.

"Evans kicked Joan's hand so hard that she now has a permanent scar and cannot wear a ring on her right hand. And she spent five weeks in therapy when Evans took it too far and allegedly pushed her off the stage."

Nonsense, says Evans' manager, Mike Greenfield. "Joan Collins is the biggest [bleeping] sack of [bleep]. She's the single most unprofessional actress working in Hollywood," he told us. "Linda Evans hurting somebody? I find it unbelievable."

On "Dynasty," which ran from 1981-1989, Collins played super-bitchy Alexis Carrington Colby to Evans' Krystle Carrington, and the characters were often slapping, clawing and hair-pulling at a moment's notice.

Ben Sprecher, who produced "Legends," said it was "absolutely untrue" Evans pushed Collins off stage. He said that during one scene, Collins had to shove Evans onto a couch and Evans' "foot came up and touched Joan's hand . . Joan then refused to do [it] . . . She was afraid of it. So we had her push Linda with the end of a mop," he said. But Sprecher said he was unaware of Collins' injury or need for therapy.

That's news to Collins, who says she filed an insurance report over the injury and goes to the Hospital for Special Surgery for treatment to reduce the swelling in her hand.

"I'm surprised they are saying this. It was an unpleasant experience which is now over and the people you refer to are thankfully out of my life," she said.

Hee-hee! I loooove that they really do despise each other! I thought maybe they had made up a little after the Dynasty reunion show and touring with this play, but happily that was either a short-lived reconciliation or was fake all along. Either way, we, the elder-catfight-loving public, win!

On a semi-related side note, my high school drama teacher taught Richard Dreyfus, Nicolas Cage, and....Miss Linda Evans, and when I asked about her acting talent, he replied, "Well, she always beautifully gowned." I have often thought that would make a wonderful epithet for my tombstone, although sadly it would be patently far.


Anonymous said...

I'm SO bummed I missed the chance to see "Legends" when I was in D.C. last year.

Other options for tombstones:

"Beautifully shoed"

"Beautifully muumuud"

"Beautifully Chico'd"

Terri R.

Anonymous said...

So she can't act, but did you know that Linda Evans shot one of the most amazing pieces of action film-footage ever?

I'm not kidding: