Friday, May 18, 2007

Back To Blake

(photo via dlisted)

According to Us Weekly, Amy Winehouse has wed her fiance in Miami:
Amy Winehouse said "Yes, yes, yes!" The singer married fiancé Blake Fielder-Civil on Friday in Miami Beach, her rep confirms to

“Amy Winehouse did get married to fiancé Blake Fielder-Civil this morning in a very private, intimate ceremony. They are very happy."

The 23-year-old “Rehab” singer is currently in Miami shooting a spread for Rolling Stone.

Following the ceremony, the couple celebrated their union with piña coladas and mudslides poolside at the Shore Club before heading to the beach.

(photo via usweekly)

“They look so happy and in love,” a witness at the hotel told Us. “She wore shorts and a tank top. They were all over each other."

Hmmm...I give this one about a year, tops. The guy she married is the same one who cheated on her and led to her writing an album's worth of heartbreak songs (her latest, Back To Black) about him, and then when said album was a worldwide smash hit, he suddenly realized how much he loved her and proposed. I wouldn't trust the guy further than I could throw him. She, however, looks like she wouldn't be able to throw a safety pin more than a foot with those tooothpick arms of hers.

On the upside, at least she averted a harrowing David Gest tooth-hole rape!

Look for Amy to be on the cover of both Spin and Rolling Stone next month. She's taking over the world, one drink at a time!

UPDATE: 5/21: Well, this certainly isn't a good sign:

Fielder-Civil has reportedly been boasting that Winehouse didn’t force him to sign a pre-nup agreement.

"Blake has been singing: 'They tried to make me sign a pre-nup, but I said no, no, no' to the tune of her 'Rehab' song," a source claimed.

"Some of the people that know him have nicknamed him Anna Nicole Smith because they think he’s only after her money."

(from iAfrica via The WOW Report)

(photo via dlisted)


Dan said...

Who are these people? Which one is famous? Why is "Rehab" in quotation marks? Is the frozen mudslide part germane? How do you make one?

Shannon said...

I don't understand the whole Winehouse craze. She's weird and ugly and too skinny and sports British teeth. Now I find out she married a guy who's already cheated on her, and didn't have a pre-nup. So she's stupid, too. Yeesh. I think a year is being way too optimistic.