Friday, April 20, 2007

Time Once More For...

This blind item comes from Janet Charlton, whose "Hollywood Whodunit" says:
This A-list actress would have you believe she's a modern woman, but she's old fashioned in one way: she doesn't want anyone to know she was a battered wife. She THOUGHT she was madly in love with her first husband but not long after they wed, she started cheating. He was suspicious and accused her and they had nasty fights. She hid her bruises from her family and friends. Finally he got PROOF of her indiscretion and the marriage imploded with one last pummeling. She feels guilty because she was a cheater and embarrassed because she endured the beatings, so she'll never talk about it.

Hmmmm...the bit about "proof" makes me wonder if she's talking about the actress whose name rhymes with "Peg Cryin'", because she was well known for cheating with her costar "Mussell Show" on a terrible movie called Proof Of Life. However, that would mean the abusive husband is the actor whose name sounds like "Tennis Braid"...also, "Peg" never got remarried so "Tennis" wouldn't be her "first husband," just her ex.

It's also possible this is referring to the actress whose name ryhmes with "Scary Thatcher," because according to some of the comments on the original Janet Charlton item, apparently the then-married "Scary" used to show up on the set of her tv show Toe-iss and Flark with bruises after she had an affair with her costar, the actor whose name sounds like Mean Pain.

Any other ideas? Better rhyming names? Put 'em in the comments box!

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Anonymous said...

I was going to say Felony Miffith (making the abuser Con Flonson), but she's not really A-List, is she? I don't even think Peg Cryin is anymore.

So my new guess is Blangelina 'Ho-lee, making the abuser Bonnie Pee Filler.

Terri R.