Friday, April 06, 2007

I Don't Cotton To Cotton

Fave store of Felt Up Forever 21 (aka Forever 31, aka Forever 21 Inches Too Small) has launched a new line of curiously-numeric-themed shops called Heritage 1981. I just got an email about it and excitedly clicked on the link, hoping against hope that the spin-off would cater less to the tiny pre-pubescent Asian ballerina shopper and more to the coveted Princess Plus old lady crowd. Sadly, the only difference between Heritage 1981 and Forever 21 appears to be that there are more "natural" fibers and fabrics--like 100% cotton--which means a focus on clothing with an EVEN LESS FORGIVING fit! Poly-blends, lycra, and modal are the stylishly zaftig lady's best friends! WHY DO YOU HATE US FOREVER 21?

At any rate, the only Heritage 1981 store in Texas is in Arlington.

Has anyone ever noticed the biblical reference on the bottom of the Forever 21 plastic bags? Can I at least purchase low-priced, overly youthful, too-small trendy pre-teen clothing without religious indoctrination? I don't care what anyone believes--but I resent it when those beliefs are force-fed to me against my will in a retail environment. It's bad enough I have to eat my beloved Chik-Fil-A sandwiches whilst being inundated with peppy Christian music in their stand-alone locations (not to mention the fact that they are closed on Sunday, the day when you want to do two things: Go to the craft store and eat a strangely sweet fried chicken-n-pickle sandwich, and yet both Hobby Lobby and Chik-Fil-A are closed on Sundays! Boo, hiss!) and can't buy hard liquor on Sunday (the third thing every decent American wants to do), but the last thing I want shoved down my throat is a message from God on my shopping bag. Argh! I still shop there religiously, though. Ba dum dum! I'm here all week, folks! Try the veal! And Happy Easter!


Anonymous said...

I hear they call it Foverer 21 because it falls apart after 21 days. Culver's is a burger joint of the Lord as well. Look out for the scantily clad teens doing the "Loaves and Fishes" carwash in their parking lot this summer. xx erica v.

Lucinda said...

I, too, have a problem with Forever 21. When purchasing a ridiculously cheap pair of earrings (those tiny Chinese orphan fingers produce the most delicate handiwork!), I asked the salesnimrod about the bible quote on the bottom of their bags. One would think if the company was going to take such a stand as to put a bible reference on its bags that it'd at least have a company-mandated stock answer to anyone bothering to ask about it...recognizing an opportunity to proselytize further. But no, the answer I got was something akin to "I don't know, it's just something they do."

Anonymous said...

nothing is being force-fed to you

as was previously commented, the employees are not trained to proselytize

freedom of religion = the owners' wish to express their faith, albeit in a relatively subtle way

against your will? don't use their bags then

Tim Romero said...

yea there is not reason you should speak out against F21 for putting a biblical reference on the bag...

They're not trying to make you believe what they believe, just simply expressing their own faith...

grow up a little bit