Thursday, April 12, 2007

End Bits

Lots o' tidbits today, my peeps:

First up, right after the news that Kurt Vonnegut had died, word came that Roscoe Lee Brown has also passed away. Brown had a very recognizable stentorian voice, and was the narrator of Babe, among many other movies and tv shows, and was also a veritable renaissance man--from athletic and academic achievement to mastering the acting requirements for Shakespeare and tv shows like Soap.

Next, CNN is reporting that Don Imus has lost his CBS radio show after "Nappy-Headed-Hoes"-Gate, just one day after MSNBC announced they wouldn't simulcast his show on their tv network. As terrible as what he said was, I was kinda thinking for a bit that people have been overreacting to this--surely many other "shock jocks" have said far worse things and gotten away with it? what about free speech, etc?--but after reading this Slate piece on all the other racist/homophobic/anti-Semetic crap that has come out of Imus' mouth on the air, I now say, "Good riddance, sir! And good day. I said good day!"

And from the "It Was Horrible While It Lasted" File, Danny Bonaduce's wife, Gretchen, has finally filed for divorce. Mrs. Bondaduce--who bears a striking resemblence to the actress Christa Miller, who plays "Jordan" (aka John C. McGinley's character's wife) on Scrubs--went through god only knows what kind of hell in her marriage; witnessing a teensy portion of said union (on Breaking Bonaduce) was enough to make yours truly swear off the institution until hell freezes over or Clive Owen proposes, whichever happens first...

A few last lil' things: Matt (who, believe it or not, claims not only to not be gay but also to be married--to a woman!--and have a child) won Top Design and though I was glad to see compulsive eye-roller Carissa get beaten, mainly I--along with every other person in the world--just yawned; on the upside, Shear Genius, Bravo's hair-styling reality competition show starring Miss Jaclyn Smith that premiered right afterwards, seems much spunkier and more fun that Top Design, which may have something to do with the absolutely stellar collection of Eurotrash-y queens, weirdos, and total beyotches the producers managed to dredge up from the far corners of The Hair Universe to compete on the show. This week's challenge, which was to create Hair Art, was won by a gay who used a cute-as-can-be chest that sprung open to reveal gold-n-silver treasure in his model's hairdo. Loved it! But I'm witholding judgment on the show until a few more episodes have aired. We'll see. And finally, what in the fug has Season 2 winner of America's Next Top Model Yoanna House done to herself? Eeek!

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Anonymous said...

Roscoe Lee Browne narrarated the STORY OF STAR WARS LP that came out in the 70's.

Did you see that Marylin Manson had an affair with Evan Rachel Wood while he was with Rose McGowan? What is in his pants!