Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Don't Be Such a Poussez!

So in my non-virtual, actual life, I go to a lot of thrift stores looking for crap--I mean precious treasures--for my shop, and sometimes I come upon funny stuff. This was ostensibly the raison d'etre of my other blog, Thrifty Cent, but my camera has been acting funny and I'm too lazy to scan things, so that blog has lain dormant for quite a while.

However, I couldn't resist sharing this LP I found today:

Isn't it glorious? I thought Nagel was the best band name ever, but I was mistaken, for truly the bestest name in the History of Man is...Poussez! (Poussez means "Push" in French, but that's just a bonus, really.)

I don't have my record player set up at the moment, but apparently this is the second album of disco tunes (the first was called Poo-Say!) put out under the Poussez name by a Svengali-like figure named Alphonse Mouzon, who, despite his Frenchy-sounding name and disco group-naming predilections, was born in South Carolina. Read all about Alphonse and his Poussez dream here.

Any Felt Up readers familiar with this album? Send your Poussez comments my way!

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