Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Correction: Less Celebrity Fat, MORE Celebrity Skin

By popular demand, here's another picture of Courtney Love prancing around Hawaii in a bikini--this time with a parrot on her shoulder--showing off her abtastic Tara Reid-esque post-liposuction mottled stomach:



Anonymous said...

Okay, THAT's more believable. (That previous photo almost had her looking toned/muscular/fit.)

~ Spare E

Anonymous said...

'tis the stuff of nightmares.

Terri R.

Lucinda said...

what hath "teen spirit" wrought?

Shannon said...

Jennifer, that photo is totally uncalled-for! I just spat spinach leaves all over my keyboard at work!

Note to self -- never, ever have lipo. No matter how much I want/need it.

porkmuffin said...

that is foul. (fowl?)

TrAngela said...

She shouldn't be prancing around Hawaii in her bikini yet until her entire transformation (i.e. tummy tuck) is complete. She should hire me as her handler. i wonder if she's paid her rehab bill yet? I wonder where Frances Bean is?