Monday, April 02, 2007

Billy Joe Shaver In Bar Shooting

From the Austin American-Statesman:

Police are questioning legendary Texas singer-songwriter Billy Joe Shaver in connection with a shooting Saturday night outside a Waco-area bar.

While Lorena police decline to comment on anything but the skeleton details of the shooting, Shaver's attorney, Austin-based Joseph Turner, told the Waco Tribune-Herald Monday his client was indeed involved. He declined to elaborate on his client's role in the shooting.

Brian K. Diggs

Lorena police say the shooting occurred at 8:30 p.m. Saturday outside Papa Joe's Texas Saloon, 1505 Interstate 35.

A victim was reportedly shot in the cheek but was talking and alert following the shooting. He was reported to be in stable condition at Hillcrest Baptist Medical Center on Sunday afternoon.

Witnesses at the bar told the Tribune-Herald that the shooter took off in his car.

Turner said he spent Sunday interviewing witnesses at the bar. He said witnesses told him the other man involved in the shooting was intoxicated and had a knife. Shaver did not know the man, Turner said.

Shaver, who lives in Waco, shot to country music stardom in the 70s. He's written and performed songs like "Georgia on a Fast Train," "Live Forever," and "Try and Try Again," and has recorded more than 20 albums. He's written songs for legends like Waylon Jennings, Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash.

Shaver, who's often nicknamed the "honky tonk hero," has also appeared in films and has written an autobiography.

Turner said he expected to know more from Texas Rangers late Monday.

Whew! Sounds intriguing, to say the least. If I were Billy Joe, though, I might tell my attorney to shut the hell up until all the facts are in. Loose lips sink ships!

I know I've seen him in a few movies, but to me Billy Joe's most memorable performance was his role as "Joe" in The Apostle, with Robert Duvall.

I hope all this gets cleared up fast so he can get back to his outlaw/singer-songwritin'/movie picture actin'/ honky tonkin' ways...

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