Thursday, March 08, 2007

Travelin' Blues

The Associated Press is reporting that Blues Traveler's all-harmonica-all-the-time frontman John "Former Fattie" Popper was arrested in Washington state for wreckless driving and possession of marijuana--but it was what was found inside his car that is really interesting:
Blues Traveler singer and harmonica player John Popper was arrested after the vehicle he was riding in was clocked going 111 mph, the Washington State Patrol said Wednesday.

Popper, 39, was arrested Tuesday afternoon on Interstate 90 near the Spokane/Lincoln county line, the Washington State Patrol said.

Inside the black Mercedes SUV, officers found a cache of weapons and a small amount of marijuana, the Patrol said. A police dog searched the vehicle, finding numerous hidden compartments containing four rifles, nine handguns and a switchblade knife. Authorities also found a Taser and night vision goggles. The vehicle was seized.

Popper, who lives in Snohomish, Wash., is the owner of the vehicle, which was being driven by Brian Gourgeois, 34, of Austin, Texas, said state patrol Trooper Jeff Sevigney. The vehicle also had flashing emergency headlights, a siren and a public address system, the Patrol said.

"Popper indicated to troopers that he had installed these items in his vehicle because (in the event of a natural disaster) he didn't want to be left behind," the Patrol said in a news release. He also told officers he collected weapons, the Patrol said.

The two men were booked administratively into the Adams County jail and released on their own recognizance. Authorities plan to charge them with possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia. Gourgeois will also face a charge of reckless driving, the Patrol said.

From this article, it totally sounds like Popper did not have any weapons charges brought against him--is it legal to carry multiple rifles, handguns, a switchblade, Taser and night vision goggles in secret compartments in your car in the state of Washington? I thought that was only in Texas!

Speaking of Texas--shout out to Brian Gourgeois from Felt Up HQ's own Austin for driving John Popper's Mobile Nightstalker Vehicle 111 miles an hour! Whoo-ee! We're real proud of our boy Brian. Keep up the good work, son!

Seriously, though: What in the hell is John Popper up to? I don't buy the survivalist theory he told the cop and those night vision goggles totally creep me out. Is John Popper hunting humans? Does he enjoy chasing a homeless man who looks like Ice-T through the woods on a an island off the coast of Washington for sport? Or are he and Brian Gourgeois the Henry Lee Lucas and Ottis Toole of bad harmonica jam bands? Is John Popper taking a page from Buffalo Bill in The Silence of the Lambs and bringing chubby girls to his secret lair to make a skin harmonica vest?

What is going on?


Anonymous said...

I just saw Zodiac last night, so I feel thoroughly qualified to say that this guy looks like a serial killer, for sure.

Terri R.

Anonymous said...

Any hobby that keeps him from performing his music is ok by me.