Monday, March 05, 2007

Time Once More For...

This blind item comes from Janet Charlton, whose "Hollywood Whodunit" tells us:
This good looking leading man from an acting family - who often plays '"the boyfriend" in movies - has a secret drug problem. He's always seemed clean cut and the last one you'd suspect. Around six months ago he tried heroin and he LOVED it. Now he's a slave to the substance and his family is worried sick. This actor used to be very visible and social - dating some of Hollywood's prettiest women. Now all he cares about is getting high. His brother is terrified and the family is scheming to get him into rehab before it's too late.

Hmmmm...Now I don't wat a lawsuit, so I won't name real names, but this sounds like it could be one of the acting brothers whose last name rhymes with Smilson. I'm thinking the one whose name sounds like Puke, but it could be Rowan. I hope it's not, though! I love Puke Smilson! (Although I have to say he's been getting awfully puffy-faced. He looks like he's been floating face down in a pool for a week.) Any other ideas or semi-funny rhyming names? Leave 'em in the comments box, s'il vous plait!

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