Monday, March 05, 2007

Spare Us The Cutter

I was watching "Intervention" last night (as is my wont), when I noticed that the sluttily-dressed young lass addicted to "cutting" was living it up in Felt Up HQ's own Austin, Texas! Yes, it was quite thrilling to see this girl--dressed in a leopard print bra and exposed garter/corset--being called a "ho" by a passerby while she leaned on a lamp post on Sixth Street. (However, it was sad that The Ho Incident led her straight home to her razor blade to cut her stomach so she could "just see blood.") Go A-town! Then I got sidetracked watching "Good Will Hunting" on TNT for the 8,000th time. (DON'T JUDGE ME! You're not my father!) Has anyone seen this episode? Can someone please tell me what happened to her?


Anonymous said...

Her name is Tamela. She is the reason I watch intervention. If you didn't see the scene where she screams at the mirror and then shatters it with her bare hands after downing a fifth of vodka like it's water, then you have NO idea. She cuts some more, bleeds some more, she has serious daddy issues and goes back to rehab. blah, blah, blah. She is fascinating.

I was shocked by how personally she took the "slut" comment on 6th street. If you don't get called a slut 1-2 times while downtown by strangers, then you're doing something wrong.

Unknown said...

I am feeling even more sad about myself for reading this post and knowing "oh yeah, that was a rerun" off the top of my head. I'm off to try to read a book or something.

jennifer said...

There is no shame in being addicted to "Intervention," Virginia! Books, shmooks!