Monday, March 19, 2007

South By SoVeryTired

Your humble Felt Up blogette has been officially tuckered out by SXSW 2007 and may be compelled to take to her bed for the forseeable future. But there were some celeb sightings of note, huzzah!

First up, the crowd at Stubb's for the Saturday night showcase headlined by The Stooges was talking about three things: 1) Iggy Pop's private area and how much anyone was able to see of it while his pants fell down in classic Iggy style (Friend of Felt Up Tanya B. saw more of it than anyone else in our group!); 2) what in the hell Dennis Miller was doing there, and 3) what in the hell Kirsten Dunst was doing there.

The Dennis Miller mystery remains unsolved, but now we know why Kiki was at the show--it was to see The Kings of Leon with her new rocker boyfriend. From Victoria Newton's "Bizarre" gossip column in the UK tabloid The Sun:
RAZORLIGHT star JOHNNY BORRELL has pulled Hollywood beauty KIRSTEN DUNST, I can exclusively reveal.

The indie singer has spent the last week working his charms on the stunning actress after she showed up at Razorlight’s gig in LA last Friday.

And last night the couple were in each other’s arms snogging as they watched a gig at the South By South West Music Festival in Texas...

A source said: “Kirsten has fallen head over heels for Johnny. She met the band last week and immediately hit it off with him.

“They have been on the phone ever since and getting on like a house on fire. She flew all the way from LA to be in Texas with Johnny. It’s the real deal – they’re a proper item.”

Johnny hired a Harley Davidson to tear around the West Coast, and he roared up at the KINGS OF LEON gig at SxSW last night in true rock star style – with Spider-Man beauty Kirsten straddling the bike behind him.

An onlooker said: “They were snogging at the side of the stage. He was wearing an oversized leather jacket and playing air guitar and air drums.

“She was fluttering her eyelashes at him like a smitten teenager.”

The relationship could cause fireworks on both sides of the Atlantic.

Johnny has a long-term girlfriend and Kirsten is rumoured to be in a relationship too.

I'm assuming the "onlooker" mentioned above was a Brit, because who else would say they were "snogging"? Later, the same spy insisted the couple buggered off to a posh hotel to shag and smoke fags while wearing only vests and pants...

I love that this guy was doing air guitar and air drums. Totally kewl, man!

There were no Hobbit sightings like last year, when your humble Felt Up blogette bellied up to the bar at Emo's next to wee Elijah Wood, but several Friends of Felt Up reported run-ins with blogger Perez Hilton, and there were rumours of Lindsay Lohan sightings, plus I saw Jello Biafra from The Dead Kennedys approximately every five seconds. I thought I saw "Six Feet Under"'s Jeremy Sisto at the Stax showcase at Antone's, but I couldn't be 100% positive, which means it probably wasn't him, because in my experience, when you see a genuine celeb you somehow know it. However, I was on a post-Booker T. and The MGs high, so my mind was not at its sharpest...

Any other SXSW '07 celeb sightings? Send 'em in, no matter how lame or unexciting!

Now I have to go soak my feet in an "Alice"-style hot water tub. Next year, I'm renting myself a Rascal!


Anonymous said...

Okay. I went to The Razorlight show. He's totally Peter Frampton. I'm still underwhelmed.

I saw Danny Masterson (hyde from that 70s show), Cisco Adler @ Lily Allen, some of the comedians from Best Week Ever, Perez on some serious stuff, and my sister saw Kiki at guero's yesterday at lunch.

I too, would prefer to take to bed right now please.

Anonymous said...

I stood in line in front of an industry douche who used the word "shite" and he was neither British nor being humorous. It totally could have been an American person using "snogging."


Terri R.

PS: Does seeing Amy Winehouse walking down the street count as seeing a celebrity?

jennifer said...

TrAngela: Who's ickier, Razorlight dude or Cisco Adler?

Terri: Yes, it counts.

Anonymous said...

Well, based on my 2 interactions with said fellas, I vote, surprisingly, that Razorlight Douche was ickier. HOWEVER, I'd like to note that I think I caught Cisco after his weekly bath AND it was VERY early in the SXSW mania (Wednesday night before midnight) and he had on pants {see postings on the interwebs about his ballz. ew.).

Terri: DER! It totally counts! And, after a few bottles of the Nagel Juice, if you want to tell everyone about the time you hungout with Amy Winehouse based on this brief encounter, I'll totally back you up.