Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Slums Of Ames, Iowa

When I first saw this picture of elusive actress/attempted dog molester/drug fiend Natasha Lyonne on The WOW Report--

--I thought for a split second that it was actually Ames, Iowa superstar Leslie Hall, The Gem Sweater Lady, without her trademark glasses or gold pants:

I think it's the jaunty, slightly aggro tilt of Natasha's head and her lack of smile that made me confused, but then I've also had Leslie Hall on the brain lately, because a) I'm mildly obsessed with her web page, and b)her band Leslie and The LYs is coming to Austin to play Trophy's on April 30! Friend of Felt Up TrAngela is already planning her be-gold-panted tribute, and I'm scouring the thrifts for the best/worst jewel sweater I can find...I CAN'T WAIT!

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Anonymous said...

and stretching. I'm doing a LOT of stretching to prepare for the show. What if she needs volunteers for high kicks? What if she gets mad at me for wearing gold pants and writes a hateful song about me?!?!??! Seriously, I can HARDLY wait!!!!

And, natashe lyonne is one of those breakdowns that i could watch for hours. i'm a horrible person and i LOVE it!!!