Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Salman Told To Pack His Knives And Go?

Gawker posted a report today from The New York Observer that says there might be trouble in paradise for Salman Rushdie and "Top Chef"' hostess Padma Lakshmi--and the source of the rumor is none other than designer Diane von Furstenberg!

Late last week, a source overheard designer Diane von Furstenberg obsessing over the news that the luscious Ms. Lakshmi, 36, was set to drop the 59-year-old novelist, her husband of three years, like a heavy sack of unread best-sellers.

“I can’t believe she’s leaving him,” Ms. von Furstenberg kept saying, according to the source. The wrap-dress queen is a longtime friend of the couple and attended their wedding in April 2004, along with editor Tina Brown, comedian Steve Martin and assorted other famous guests.

Most troubling to Ms. von Furstenberg, apparently, was Ms. Lakshmi’s stated and not exactly literary reason for putting an end to the relationship with the Booker Prize winner: to focus on her big Bravo hit, Top Chef.

Well, I just bet that this aspect of the alleged break-up is troubling to Salman Rushdie, too, Diane, because he probably thinks that if he can continue to write smarty-pants literature while there's a fatwa on his head, then his wife should be able to juggle all her important Top Chef duties--such as picking out which bikini to wear and memorizing complicated lines like "You'll have 30 minutes in the Kenmore Kitchen and access to everything in our pantry to complete your dish"--while maintaining their marriage.

Stay tuned for more details!

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